Vote for delegate

  • Voting is a primary activity to secure the network. Details please refer to

    According to my practice, vote for your delegate follow these steps:

    1. Login to your wallet with your passphrase, click your address in the wallet.

    2. Click “VOTES”, you will see the delegate list by clicking the “Open Delegate Monitor”, write down the name of delegate you want to vote for.

    3. Go back to the wallet, click “ADD DELEGATE”, input the delegate’s name and confirm.

    4. Pick the delegate you just added, click “VOTE”. Input your secret passphrase then click next. Now you have voted for the delegate.

    5. Check in “TRANSACTIONS”, you should see one transaction which the “Type" is “vote" and the “Total" is “-1" are waiting for confirm or maybe confirmed already.

    Congratulations, you have finished voting.

  • How frequently do i have to make this?

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