DPOSTools.com for RISE

  • Hello RISErs,

    I’m glad to announce that I just set up and added support for RISE to my well known dpostools.

    What is Dpostools?

    It’s a website that gives you some optimization metrics you could use both as Holder and/or Delegate.

    For example as a RISE holder you might want to know which are the RISE public pools, how much they’re paying, if they’ve a website, whats their ranking etc. => https://dpostools.com/RISE

    If you’re a forger (or wannabe forger) you might want to take a look and optimize your votes (or marketing for votes).
    There are many charts and tables that you could use. For a real live example take a look at my delegate page here => https://dpostools.com/RISE/multiverse

    The website takes some time to load the data as it queries the blockchain for real live data! A dev is in the pipeline to make it faster.

    Some Screenshots




  • @vekexasia This is a great tool, thanks for building it! I just joined the RISE community, and am also invest in Ark. The Ark community has a tool similar to this (http://calculator.reconnico.com/) but with some additional functionality. If you could model your program after the Ark program, I think it would really benefit the RISE community!

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