BITMYST_POOL - sharing 70 % - Special offer: sharing 90% first month

  • RISE POOL delegate: bitmyst_pool

    Hi, my name is bitmyst and I’m a forger. I’m interested in cryptocurrency since 2014.
    I am particularly active in the DPOS ecosystem, in particular: SHIFT, RISE, OXYCOIN, BLOCKPOOL, and I am also proud to be part of the team of a dpos project named KAPU.
    I work with many vps / servers in the linux environment and I guarantee an efficient stability to the nodes that I manage: powerful servers and delocalized backups.
    I am excited to support and promote stability to the RISE network with my pool.

    I share 70% to all voters every week with a minimum payment of 0.1 RISE.
    I add also a SPECIAL OFFER: the :rotating_light: FIRST MONTH of forging i share 90%:rotating_light:

    I guarantee accurate and timely payments
    Thank you all for your attention
    Vote for: bitmyst_pool ;)

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