• Hello guys!
    I’m here since the testnet and I also avail of the collaboration, we work in team, of a web programmer with experiences of about 10 years and expertise on the world of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in particular).
    Here is our profile:
    From an educational point of view, I trained as a graphic designer that allows me to do my job as a web designer / developer to 360 ° although now I became a programmer.
    In addition to work to the creation of websites at the request of companies, I started to develop proprietary projects in the cryptocurrency.
    Server Specifications:

    Dedicated Server (Main)
    Cpu: 4 Dedicated Intel Cores
    Ram: 8 Gb Ram
    Connectrion: 300 mb/s symmetric
    Ddos Protection

    Backup Server
    Cpu: 4 Cores
    Ram: 4 Gb Ram
    Conn: 200 mb/s symmetric
    Ddos Protection

    Current Contributions and planned contributions to Rise ecosystem:
    I would like to organize MEETUPS around Italy to present, explain and help the Rise project grow.
    Ending Statement
    I hope you will vote for me as Rise delegate. Voting me you can contribute to make Rise more rich of interesting projects and initiatives
    Thanks you all, guys!

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