Hongkie - 75% pool

  • Hi guys! I’ve set up a pool to share 75% of forged RISE with my voters.
    I’m currently an active delegate for SHIFT (http://shifthk.com) - this involves maintaining a main server, backup server and also a testnet node. As a delegate for RISE, I’ll also be running three servers to ensure
    maximum uptime and efficiency of the network.

    My servers are based in Hong Kong - contributing to decentralization of the network.
    For the moment, servers will be 1 CPU and 2gb ram - I will scale up the specifications as required.

    About me
    I’m relatively new to the crypto world - started by investing a small amount in ETH at the start of this year. After discovering and learning about the incredible potential of DPOS and dapps, I’ve focused most of my time and shifted the majority of my investments into this area. Looking forward to contributing to the RISE project!

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