Delegated presentation

  • Hi, I’m Raffaele, for you and my friends Lello and my delegate username is ringhio999
    I’m proud to be part of this community, I believe in this project, I think the Dpos system is a good choice with good security and I hope to be part of it! In my opinion mining is too “old” consume too much power! I prefer a greener approach!!!
    What about me? I choose to follow only few project, I don’t know other people what they do but I think that is best for the community project, follow only few coin make me more reliable rather than follow hundred community! From all project that I see, Rise for me is the best one!
    Unfortunately, I can start with only a lower investment, I don’t have so much, so for that reason I ask you a little help, if you believe in me or you think I can do something great for community, leave my your vote and I promise that I’ll do the best that I can for the community!
    Have a nice day, ringhio999

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