Install RISE node without RISE Commander

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    Rise-node version 0.1.0


    Automatic install script for Debian based systems Ubuntu, Mint, Debian.

    Install Rise (Mainnet) – BE SURE NOT TO RUN AS ROOT OR WITH SUDO

    1. Change directory into home
            cd $HOME
    1. Then git clone the Rise node files
            git clone
    1. Change directory to the rise-node directory
            cd rise-node
    1. Install Rise
            ./rise_manager.bash install
    1. Start the node with this line:
            ./rise_manager.bash start
    1. Catch up with current mainnet. When asked to download snapshot answer y for yes.
            ./rise_manager.bash rebuild
    1. Get node status
            ./rise_manager.bash status
    1. Insert your passphrase so you can forge:
            nano config.json

    And change this section to include your passphrase:

            "forging": {
                 "force": false,
                 "secret": ["word1 word2 word3 ..."],
                 "access": {
                     "whiteList": [

    Press Ctrl + o to save. Press enter to confirm. Then press Ctrl +x to exit the file.

    1. Lastly restart your node to apply the changes:
            ./rise_manager.bash reload

    To install Rise (Testnet) it’s the same as above, only the git clone section is different:

            git clone -b testnet

    By Nytrobound, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

  • Has anyone tried installing rise on a raspberry pi?

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