liskit - experienced and multi-platform pool

  • Introduction
    Yo all,
    my name is Andrea (Liskit) from Italy and I’m 27 year old.

    So who I’m…
    Today I’m a front-end developer and crazy father of a ‘little monkey’.

    I’ve already experience in managing delegate node, I’m the creator of the following open source pools and services:

    I strongly believe in sharing and I strongly work with dakk delegate to provide new useful tools.
    I’ll already start in porting my pool to rise network so all you have to do is voting for liskit (: .

    Server Specifications

    The coolest thing is not needing any provider for VM or network bandwidth because I have direct access and management.

    RAM: 4GB
    SSD: 20GB
    Core: 2vCore
    Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Network: 10Gbit/s
    Location: North Italy

    Ending Statement
    I’m really lucky and I’m one of the already forging delegate. So all you have to do is continue voting for liskit!

    I’m just a simple, transparent and serious guy with passion for everything I do.
    I really care about users and I’m always available to help.
    I’m insomniac, hallucinated, bipolar, nonetheless I’m a tireless optimist.


    Twitter: @liskitHQ

  • Hi all guys, as promised the pool is in production!
    You can already see some of our voters and vote for liskit as well and take share!

    In the next days as soon as votes arrive I’ll upgrade the % of sharing to make the pool more interesting!

    I’m also at disposal in creating contest or others project to make rise greater!

    Follow me on Twitter: @liskitHQ and take a look to our platform

  • Hi all guys, as you have see the pool is working and is paying shares to voters! In the next day the pool will increase the share % from 20 to 50 since new voters are finally coming!

    Please keep considering voting for liskit delegate and already forging pool :)

    Twitter @liskitHQ

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