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    My name is Martin and I am from Italy

    It would be great if you guys could vote for me, my delegate name is : kiashaan_pool

    I am 43, I am currently a computer store and graphics, to the alleged cryptocoin are managing now on rank 48 of Shift, 10 of Ark , a project that I started from the first moments, in the Rise have been delegated Testnet the first moments having excellent results in rank with more stable server.

    My Skills

    I’m a computer for 30 years I have a pc shop my city , Apple developer and I have developed several APP in the period 2010 iMozzarella, iPizzaedintorni, iCornicello, I deal with web design 3d graphic short, hug a little the IT branch , plus I got a Gadget print shop, T-shirt.

    I am also the creator of KAPU new DPOS coin
    Whitepaper :

    I will foster and protect all our stake in Rise by running a delegate benefiting all stakeholders.
    Fund Distribution

    I pledge to maintain existing projects, design new tools, projects, support the Ark platform and help it’s community grow.

    70% Profit Sharing Pool

    Payouts will be automatically made to voters twice a weekly.
    Fair proportional payments. The more you vote, the more you receive.
    A bonus will be paid to voters at the end of each month from any funds not used in the Development Fund.

    15% Study and Development of apps for Rise

    15% Personal Fund , Server etc…

    I I will be running on a

    2 vCore
    2048 MB
    45 GB SSD
    40.34 GB of 3000 GB

    If need be, I will upgrade the setup as time goes on to be very powerful and secure.

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