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    My name is Ilgio and i am just a miner. I started mining crypto-coins in 2016. Mined BTC, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, DCR, ETC, ZEC and other minor coins. Actually forging Shift.


    Graphic designer
    Web designer
    System engineer on Linux, Windows, Mac, AS400
    HTML5 / CSS3; JS / jQuery / AJAX; Python; PHP / MySQL;
    A bit experienced in linux server mainteinace, windows, macOS, android, ios, symbian. Electronics expert. Graphical

    My repo github with some lines of code


    Working close with the whole rise community, I want to finance project related to RISE to let the crypto community better know RISE ecosystem; securing RISE network


    Using a dedicated server

    Node Setup

    1 Main and 1 Backup

    Server Host: Scaleway
    8 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
    16G Memory
    SoftRaid 2x50GB SSD
    300Mbit/s Internet bandwidth

    Server Host: Contabo
    2 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
    6GB Memory
    200GB SSD Disk
    200Mbit/s Internet bandwidth


    Thanks for helping me to make RISE great

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