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  • Hello everyone, we are the RISE socialists. We want to respond to big money holders that are ruining DPOS. We have been SHIFT holders for a few years now, but we’ve shifted our attention towards RISE. We see a bright future for RISE with the new dev team.

    What is wrong with the current DPOS consensus?

    It’s not july the 19th yet but we’re able to predict one thing: after the chain swap and mainnet release big money holders will vote (maybe multiple?) of their own delegates into a forging position, only for their own gain. That is okay for early adopters and developers, because they deserve something back for their loyalty and hard work. However other people that just invested a lot of money into RISE for their own benefit are spoiling the fun for the ‘middle class’ investors.

    So? What do I care?

    The rich will thus become richer and the people that are believing in the coin but don’t have that much money will have no viable options, because they can’t start their own delegate and vote themselves in (not enough RISE on their own) and most of all there is no use in voting for any of the big money holders’ delegates because the voter will get nothing in return. This will negatively impact the ‘normal’ holders community.

    Well, what is your solution then?

    Democracy! If all the forging delegates would share their forging rewards with their voters there would be an actual reason for all holders (yes even the big money whales) to vote for these delegates. This would boost the decentralization of the chain and the system would be more democratic.

    Our delegate Risesocialist will share 45% of the forged RISE with the voters and 10% will be shared with the RISE team wallet (if there is one).
    Server and backup server specs: CPU- 1 vCore RAM- 2048 MB Storage- 40 GB SSD, our servers will scale with the growth of the chain.


    We hope that we convinced you to become a RISE socialist and wish you a lot of wisdom. A vote for the delegate Risesocialist would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.


    Remember to never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

    E-mail: risesocialist@protonmail.com
    Slack: https://risevision.slack.com/messages/@risesocialist

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