RiseNet [Rise Community Dev] - Delegate Proposal - {70% Profit Share}

  • :desktop: Introduction:
    Hi There, I’m a 20 Years Old Man, My hobbies include Programming in my spare time and that includes coding in C# , Swift and well yeah i’m a kotlin beginner, I’ve been with Rise from Day One and was the first who created the known lite wallet for Rise that was based on DevKing C# Api and the wallet directly connects to the main wallet , however more over when this Mainnet is back online in it’s new codebase , i’ll be altering the wallet pretty much in order to make it compatiable with the new codebase and i’ll be adding more features that would definitely make it better as a lite wallet for Rise.

    :bulb: My Skills:

    Nothing to see here :alien: , All has been mentioned above :grinning:

    :page_with_curl: My Proposal:
    I’ll be working on improving the Rise Codebase as well as creating a lite wallet for iOS and Android Both and as well as i’ll be sharing 50% of my forged rise with my voters as a token of appreciation :)

    :timer: Server Setup:
    Server Host: Azure
    RAM: 3.5GB
    Disk: 100GB
    Operating System: Ubuntu 17.04
    Location: West US
    Network Speed: 1 GB/s
    Availability: 99.9%

    :gem: Conclusion:
    I think that you should vote for me not only because i was really a part of this community from the beginning and have helped it a lot and still will be helping it even move forward but you should vote for believing that i’ll be a valuable source for this community and the Mainnet Security is my number 1 priority in order to make sure that the investors money is always safe

    If you find me Suitable for this kind of mission and yeah securing a network is really a mission then you should vote for me regardless of what other delegates are offering you.

    RiseNet Pool is Up : http://risenet.deadcry.info

    Rise Wallet is Up: http://deadcry.info

    Contact me on Slack with the usertag @mody1996 or email me at mohamed.tarek44@hotmail.com

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