Crowdif is LEGIT or SCAM ?

  • Hi friends I am very happy with CrowdIF. I have been observing this company very closely since May 2018. CrowdIF has launched 1st version of The SentimentScore Platform an unique technology which gives accuracy of price movement predictions to trade without any fear of loss, and aslo an opportunity to earn very big Referral Profit and Bonus. Our biggest strength is the data that we get from human sources and for this company has started CrowdIF Collective Intelligence Program (The C-CIP) to pull the Collective Intelligence of Crowd to understand the direction of the market and use it to predict price movement. It’s the first time that anyone is doing something like this in the crypto industry.

    I joined in this plan on 4th August and since than earning a good regular income. The best part I found is its Referral Income. I had been earned more than $480 since than, apart from its profit.

    I am strongly recommending it to every one, though I had listen lots from many people that this company that this is not Legit. But after verifying its coin CIF on eatherscan I put my confidence in it, now already earned more than what I invested till now.

    In CrowdIF there are 2 earning programs. 1. C-PIP 2. C-CIP

    C-PIP (Portfolio Income Program. ) starts with minimum $250 (No Lock In period).

    C-CIP ( CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program ) starts with registration fee of $100.

    These are profits what company is giving. 1. Intelligence Profit. 2. Referral Profit 3. Portfolio profit 4. Referral portfolio porofit.

    Any one who wants to learn more please click on my Sponsor ID

    You can visit home page of the company and talk on the Live Chat Support.

    You can also join us on FB

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