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  • Introduction

    Hello all, my name is Andrea and I’m a RISE enthusiast. I am a developer focused with JavaScript and Java and RISE got my attention thanks to it’s language support.

    During my life I had the chance to design & maintain some high availability infrastructures to ensure websites were running smoothly all the time.

    I’d like to offer my past knowledge in server management and provision some servers to secure the RISE network.

    Server specs

    • Server #1 -> 4CPUs -> 8GB RAM - Location: Germany
    • Server #2 -> 2CPUs -> 2GB RAM - Location: France

    Current contributions

    Besides being a delegate I already proposed some small modifications to the RISE node source code.

    I also like to help other individuals and created a quick post here to ease the installation of RISE node under Ubuntu 16.04.

    Planned Contributions

    What follows is a list of what I’m planning to do with the funds raised by forging RISE. I will eventually publish a timeline

    • Write TypeScript definition files for the RISE Node.js SDK to allow TypeScript developer leverage code autocompletion and compile-time
    • Discuss and propose a Node.js SDK rewrite in TypeScript for better code maintenance
    • Write documentation for Node.js SDK
    • Write a quick start guide on how to use the the node sdk
    • Write a simple dapp in JS

    Ending Statement

    Maintaining some servers up and running 24/7 may be stressy & time consuming if you’re unfamiliar with the technologies and the best practices that allow you to do so.

    I hope you find my delegation proposal valuable along with my planned contributions. Vote for multiverse :)

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