Mythocurrency Delegate Proposal

  • Delegate Name: Mythocurrency

    Proposal: Rise can always use a boost in media visibility, and I am the willing delegate ready to entrench myself into that task. I am a writer, producer, and cryptocurrency advocate who is prepared to launch a Rise show on my YouTube channel, provided that I get your vote to help continue to make it financially possible for me to do so.

    I am presently a top content creator on and I have 123,152+ views on my recently created YouTube channel. I have been approached to do sponsored videos for INS Ecosystem, LiveTree Adept, BFY, Spectre, KYC Legal, and several other cryptocurrency projects.

    If you vote for me, I am willing to produce a weekly Rise program which will raise Rise visibility and satisfy the interests of all involved.

    Additional Skills I can bring to Rise: social media, copywriting, Podcast production, UI testing and support, member resource services, customer service supervision, etc.

    Past Credits Include:

    Justin Timberlake 901 Tequila Promo - co-star, contributing writer
    Mythocurrency - producer, host
    Voltron Force - co-writer (for Nicktoons)
    Cockmasters - co-writer (for Maker)

    Other past credits/accomplishments:
    St. Louis International Film Festival Jury Member
    New Yorker Caption Contest Winner
    former member of the Cinema St. Louis Advisory Board

    All I need is your vote.

    Respectfully submitted,

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