Mega_Pool - 80% sharing with Mega_Pool ! 50% more ! Read-it ! -

  • I is proud to present my delegate proposal:

    The Mega_Pool

    Payout everyday
    Reward depends on voting weight
    80% of forged blocks are shared
    Minimum payout : 1.0 Rise
    Pool hopper protection
    Blessed by the first and second clans of gods

    CPU: 4
    RAM: 8GB
    Location: Germany
    Hosting: netcup VPS 1000 G7 SE
    Mega Security

    DDoS protection
    Redundant power and network connections
    About me

    I lives in cold, rugged, and beautiful Norway by choice, as an expat Apfelstrudel aficionado from Austria.

    I is a research scientist with a PhD in theoretical physics and helps the Norwegian fisheries implement smarter technology solutions. He uses machine learning to decide what to make for dinner (it’s fish) and how and where to invest in real estate. He also likes long walks on the beach (but only if the ocean water is at my temperature). I is fascinated by the potential that blockchain holds and the entire cryptoworld. He mines Ether and has main and test nodes on OXY, and a delegate on RISE.


    I proposes Mega_pool, with which he wishes to increase the stability of the RISE network with a strong and highly reliable node.

    Vote for the Viking, and help him become a valued delegate member! Because every blockchain needs its Mega_pool.

    Contact the Sergei

    Rise: 487810846166973691R
    Delegate name: Mega_pool

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