Karansorey delegate story

  • Introduction
    Hi reader, I am Karansorey from Holland. I am a student Software engineering and have been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2015. I did an internship for my study at [BBCI RUBIX] and I am currently qualified in the following (programming) languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, Javascript, symfony, jquery and wordpress. I’m also learning C# and python at the moment.
    I have been a member of the SHIFT community for a while and am currently an active delegate there. (https://explorer.shiftnrg.nl/address/3772752090797673389S)

    What do I have to offer for RISE?
    I like experimenting in my spare time a lot, I wrote a manual search engine for the Dapp Phantom on SHIFT[Home search http://prntscr.com/ftn0rj search http://prntscr.com/ftn0yc] and also developing a Filesystem drag and drop. I am looking to actively develop software for the RISE chain too. I have a lot of spare time so you could expect a lot of apps made by me ;). Furthermore I want to make sure the RISE chain is as stable as possible so I’ll try to run the best nodes for my delegate, probably dedicated servers.

    My future vision of RISE
    We see a lot of cryptocurrencies struggling nowadays, scams, pump and dumps, scaling and controversy in communities cause coins to struggle. The rise slack however is pretty civilized and everyone is really helpful. I think that RISE has a well-trained dev team with a lot of capability. I suppose that the RISE price will show this at and after the chain swap on july 19th.
    I see a lot of potential in RISE and look forward to contributing to the community!
    Thank you for your time and happy voting.

    Delegate Karansorey

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