• Mr_mojo is proud to present his delegate proposal:


    Payout everyday
    Reward depends on voting weight
    90% of forging blocks is shared
    Minimum payout : 2 Rise
    Public Pool: mr_mojo_open_pool
    Private Pool (only vote after approval): mr_mojo
    !!For private pool voting please contact @mr_mojo in slack channel!!

    Server :

    OpenStack KVM
    SLA 99.99%
    2 vCore(s)
    3.1 GHz
    4 GB RAM
    50 GB HDD
    High Availability (Ceph)

    Anti-DDOS protection
    SSL certificate encryption with passphrase.
    Protection against pool hopping
    Private pools have protection against unwanted voters

    About me :

    My name is mr_mojo and I’m from Croatia. I am a software engineer and musician.
    I have been involved in crypto currencies for 3 years and I maintain multiple delegates on Rise.

    With this delegate pool I can provide the RISE network with a strong and always available node, which will help in increasing the stabilization of the network.

    So please vote for me and let me become a valued rise delegate!


    Rise : 5557116725694290229R
    Slack : @mr_mojo

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