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    Hey guys. :smiley_cat: I have been working with Rise since the beginning. I was originally an ICO investor in Rise and then I later helped with testing the first testnet, mainnet, wrote install guides, helped to point out flaws, issues, etc. I was quick to point out things to the team so that we could have a better system.

    alt text

    I have also been a tester for the new testnet and an early delegate as a reward for testing the system. My uptime is about 99% right now and not 100% because I forgot a word of my secret when I first set up my node. My pool website is

    I would very much appreciate your vote no matter how few RISE you may have, or how many.

    Server Specs
    Vultr VPS
    2 CPU
    4GB RAM
    1GB per second Internet
    3TB Bandwidth

    My node is ran on a very fast VPS system, secured via firewall rules, fail2ban, etc. and will be updated as needed to keep the network secure and moving swiftly.

    Rewards I am offering 80% profit sharing, that way I can maintain the network and have funds for any future server upgrades needed. Thank you for your support. Payouts will be on Fridays. :heartpulse:

    About me: I am a 30 year old veteran and father who has always loved technology. I have been around crypto since 2009 in one way or another, investing, mining, trying to help out when I can, etc. I helped the Pascal dev with his coin before it became popular as he’s not a native English speaker so I helped write things for the github. I also helped a lot with Rise as McVenture can attest to, testing, writing guides and then making them in markdown for use on the forums and such. Once again I’d appreciate your vote and thank you for your consideration and the time you spent reading this.

    Twitter - @vernonstallins
    Facebook - Vernon Stallins
    Bitcointalk and Slack Channels - aetsen
    Steam - aetsen Let’s play some games!
    Steemit - aetsen

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  • How many Rise do you pay per 10k Rise? The more voters you have the more diluted your payouts.

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