biz_classic - 100% Payouts for 2 Weeks, 90% After, True Block Weight, and Custom Payouts!

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    We are biz_classic and we are two trained software engineers looking to introduce something new to the Rise community.

    We have a custom payout script and have our own registered website where you can set YOUR OWN payout schedule - no more fees eating your profits unnecessarily. You get paid when YOU want to. (By default, payouts are daily with a threshold of 0.1 RISE).

    We’ve also developed our own True Block Weight payout system that lets us know exactly how much each of our voters are owed for every single block we forge. This makes us immune to pool hoppers. We also compound your voting weight per-block and your unpaid pending balance so you never leave money on the table!

    For the first two weeks of forging we’ll also be doing a 100% payout promotion
    Afterwards, we’ll be paying out 90% with loyalty bonuses
    Anybody who votes for us before we get into the top 101 will be grandfathered into 91%!

    We love Rise and hope to be a part of this wonderful, vibrant community <3

    So are you in?

  • @biz_classic

    Nice to see something different :-)

    FYI there is an issue with your calculator on the website.
    If you put anything over 93 in the ‘rise balance’ field it changes back to 93

  • @tetraphobia Hi, the thinking was voters would never have over 100% of the vote weight (impossible to vote with more Rise than is in the pool). But it doesn’t really make sense since we don’t have many voters at the moment. Will change it later tonight, thanks for the head’s up :)

  • Minor update. Anyone who votes for us before we get into the Top 101 will be grandfathered into 91% payouts forever!

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