boost_pool — Boosted Public Pool. Up to 35x higher payouts¹

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    Dr. Viking proudly presents a totally new pool concept:

    Boost pool

    • Boosted payouts for smaller to medium wallets
    • Up to 39x higher payouts¹
    • More stable payouts for everybody
    • Daily automated payouts
    • Minimum payout : 1.0 Rise
    • Advanced pool hopper protection

    Every RISE investor is looking for high and stable payouts. Up until now these were only really available to larger investors through exclusive access to private invite-only pools. Dr. Viking’s patented super secret Boost formula does two awesome things:

    • It boosts the payouts of small to medium investors considerably (see table below¹).
    • It makes the payouts more stable for all voters.

    Thus, it finally gives high and stable payouts to people with smaller and medium wallets also.

    The Boost Server

    • CPU: 4
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Location: Germany
    • Hosting: netcup VPS 1000 G7 SE


    • Firewall
    • DDoS protection
    • Redundant power and network connections

    About Dr. Viking

    The Viking lives in cold, rugged, and beautiful Norway by choice, as an expat Apfelstrudel aficionado from Austria.

    The Viking is a research scientist with a PhD in theoretical physics and helps the Norwegian fisheries implement smarter technology solutions. He uses machine learning to decide what to make for dinner (it’s fish) and how and where to invest in real estate. He also likes long walks on the beach (but only if the ocean water is at Viking temperature). The Viking is fascinated by the potential that blockchain holds and the entire cryptoworld. He mines Ether and has main and test nodes on OXY, and a delegate on RISE.

    Contact Dr. Viking

    Rise: 16893267839878483241R
    Delegate name: boost_pool
    Slack: @The Viking

    Assuming 700k RISE total pool weight distributed among a 100 voters, a 10 RISE vote yields 39x higher payouts, relative to a conventional pool with an 80% share. Actual values will change according to the voter composition, and are always shown on boost_pool whenever the delegate is active.

  • Very nice I will vote for you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Small update
    We will be launching full speed soon! Follow along here and/or get in touch with @The Viking on slack!

  • We are ready!

    Vote in and boost your payouts. Up to 35x and more (see above).

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