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  • Hey Guys!
    I’m chucking my alpha version of my payout script to the world! I’ve done a whole bunch of testing, but unfortunately I’m not a Forging delegate, so I can only assume the actual sending of the Rise works. The numbers all line up and it’s super easy to setup.

    It’s hop-proof and updates can update your voters on their statistics every 30 seconds. The page autorefreshes and keeps only the most up-to-date information on your website.

    If you aren’t a Delegate yet, don’t worry! This script walks you through the whole process. As long as you have your public rise address, you can get started right away! https://github.com/DavionKalhen/PyDeePool

    PyDeePool reward users for holding their coins and maintaining their vote with a single Delegate. Your payout is based on the average balance of your wallet at every block height. It resets at the end of every payout cycle, so only those voting at the very beginning get full credit for their Rise.

    If you’re already an active Delegate and want to test this, simply run through the initial startup process and set your private key to ‘asdf’ or anything else that’s not your key. It will run normally but never be able to payout. Note: If your account doesn’t already have a publickey, your secret key will be required to generate one.

    An example of the website is up at http://risescanner.com:8989

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