My Delegate Proposal for RISE (90% profit sharing)

  • The RISE Blockchain
    Today, I got my RISE blockchain server up, and it is running now! I’m happy to secure the RISE blockchain. I will take this job carefully and seriously, and I want to particiate the developing RISE blockchain.

    Profit Sharing
    Block time : 50 min 30 sec (30 sec x 101 delegates)
    Block rewards : 15 rise
    Block rewards per day : 427.7 rise
    Delegate sharing ratio : 90%
    Profit share: twice per week (every Wed. and Sat.) / It will change daily share soon.

    Server details
    OS Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM)
    CPU Intel Xeon Family
    CORES/SPEED 2 vCPUs @ 2.50GHz
    RAM 4GB RAM + (scalable)
    LOCATION N. virginia, USA

    Vote for yoda_pool
    My goal is to maintain highly reliable and scalable RISE node. If you are a RISE holder, I would like to ask your vote for me. Thank you for giving me your time and attention.

    Contact info
    slack @yoda

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