stefanoproxy_pool for delegate - Share 100% of forged (first 2 weeks)

  • Hello to everyone,

    my name is Stefano and i’m a computer technician for more than 30 years.

    I entered the world of cryptocurrencies 3 years ago mining POW currency (Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and also forging DPOS (i’m active in the DPOS ecosystem as delegate for other DPOS coins as Shift, OxyCoin, Kapu).
    I really like the DPOS philosophy so I decided to create a RISE delegate named stefanoproxy_pool because i’m sure DPOS will be more and more important in the near future of all people.

    As RISE delegate i decided to share 80% of forged from the 4th week and beyond.

    1st week 100%
    2nd week 100%
    3rd week 90%
    4th week and over 80%

    I guarantee accurate and timely payments.
    Payment: daily and automated
    Min payout: 1 RISE
    Site to check payouts: (

    I’m forging in mainnet with two masternode dedicated servers:

    Main node
    4 x86 dedicated cpu
    8gb ram
    50gb ssd
    300Mbps Unmetered bandwidth
    Ddos protection

    Backup node
    4 x86 dedicated cpu
    4gb ram
    50gb ssd
    200 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth
    Ddos protection

    Best regards to all and thank’s in advance for voting stefanoproxy_pool delegate.
    Please contact me (stefanoproxy on Slack chat) for further information.

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