valhalla — High yield private pool. Viking powered.

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    The Viking is proud to present his next-level delegate proposal:

    Valhalla Private Pool

    • Payouts only to a few invited members
    • Minimum 100k RISE voting weight
    • Strong focus on high profits
    • Maximum 3-5 voters
    • Minimum payout: 10.0 Rise
    • Reward depends on voting weight
    • Daily payout @20:30 (UTC+2h)
    • 75% of forged blocks are shared
    • Blessed by the first and second clans of gods

    Only a few distinguished investors are allowed to enter the halls of Valhalla where the Norse gods reside. Only those that have proven themselves reliable and worthy are invited to join The Viking on this divine quest for maximum profit. The Viking will personally manage a small group of handpicked adventurers to ensure maximum profit for all involved, dependent on their relative voting weight.

    This is a unique opportunity, where you can earn 25% of the delegate’s forged blocks, or more!

    Are you worthy?
    Do you have at least 100k RISE? Are you looking for maximum profits, a highly reliable delegate, and the most Norwegian customer service?
    Send The Viking a PM here on the forum, or talk to him on slack (@the_viking). Proof that you are worthy of entering the divine halls of Valhalla, and to receive the God’s gifts.

    The Viking’s Valhalla Server

    • CPU: 4
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Location: Germany
    • Hosting: netcup VPS 1000 G7 SE

    Viking Valhalla Security

    • Firewall
    • DDoS protection
    • Redundant power and network connections
    • Norrøna (the Viking’s Battle Axe)

    About the Viking

    The Viking lives in cold, rugged, and beautiful Norway by choice, as an expat Apfelstrudel aficionado from Austria.

    The Viking is a research scientist with a PhD in theoretical physics and helps the Norwegian fisheries implement smarter technology solutions. He uses machine learning to decide what to make for dinner (it’s fish) and how and where to invest in real estate. He also likes long walks on the beach (but only if the ocean water is at Viking temperature). The Viking is fascinated by the potential that blockchain holds and the entire cryptoworld. He mines Ether and has main and test nodes on OXY, and a delegate on RISE.

    Contact the Viking

    Rise: 17711142197825274534R
    Delegate name: valhalla
    Slack: @the_viking

  • All is set up on the technical side for maximum payouts to an exclusive group of investors. Get in touch and let’s start forging some RISE! :muscle:

  • All spots in Valhalla are taken at the moment.
    Are you an investor with 100k+ RISE and interested in high-yield daily payouts and excellent customer service? Then contact The Viking here on the forum or on slack (@The Viking). Another opportunity may be waiting for you!

  • Someone voted into Valhalla that isn’t on the list. No problem, but you won’t get paid, mate ;)
    Please note that only invitees get paid.

  • Another great opportunity for people with 100k+ RISE!
    Daily, stable, high-yield payouts.

    Estimated payouts
    100k >>> 61 / day >>> 1 850 / month
    200k >>> 121 / day >>> 3 700 / month
    300k >>> 182 / day >>> 5 540 / month

    Contact The Viking (slack: @The Viking) to get a chance to take part in his newest adventure.

  • The Viking’s infamous public pool viking_pool just got a few free spots!
    This is a great opportunity for anyone to receive some high pay outs. Daily, automated, reliable.

  • Valhalla is ready for the next batch of adventurers!
    Do you hold 100k RISE or more? Get in touch, and get paid!

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