Maintaining Your Node

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    Maintaining Your Node


    To complete this tutorial, you will need:

    • To have a working Rise instance


    1. rise-snapshot

    The first script you need to install is rise-snapshot. rise-checker depends on it because:

    • It can create snapshots of the current node state
    • It can restore snapshots to a previous node state

    First of all you’ll need to clone the GitHub repository to your server:

    cd ~ 
    git clone
    cd rise-snapshot/

    For a list of commands do:

    bash help

    When your node is fully synced, make sure to create a new snapshot:

    bash create

    2. rise-checker

    The second script you need to install is rise-checker. It will:

    • Auto-Start your node when your server rebooted
    • Check the health of your node
    • When forked, restore to a previous state using rise-snapshot
    • When healthy, create a daily snapshot
    • Auto-Switch between master and slave node
    • Keep you up-to-date with Telegram

    First of all make sure to check the prerequisites:

    • You have installed rise-snapshot
    • You have created a snapshot with rise-snapshot

    Make sure install the package dependencies:

    sudo apt install php php-cli php-mbstring php-sqlite3

    Be sure that your php.ini allows passthru(). It does by default, so only check if this script is not working.

    Now cd into your home directory and clone rise-checker from GitHub:

    cd ~
    git clone

    a. Add crontab

    We need to run rise-checker regulary. We will edit crontab to do so every minute:

    crontab -e

    And add in this:

    # Start rise-checker every minute
    * * * * * php ~/rise-checker/checkdelegate.php >> ~/rise-checker/logs/checkdelegate.log 2>&1

    To clear unnecessary logs created by rise-checker also add this:

    # Clear rise-checker logs
    @daily forever cleanlogs

    b. Check logs

    To check the logs of rise-checker, move to its directory and run this command:

    tail -f ./logs/checkdelegate.log

    You can exit it by pressing CTRL+C.

    c. Telegram (Recommended)

    As mentioned, rise-checker comes with Telegram functionality which will allow it to send you a message if anything requires your attention. To enable it, you’ll need to edit the config.php in the folder:

    cd rise-checker
    nano config.php

    a. $telegramId

    1. Open Telegram and start a conversation with: userinfobot
    2. Replace $telegramId with your ID
    $telegramId = "12345678";

    b. $telegramApiKey

    1. Start a conversation with: botfather
    2. Say: /newbot
    3. Tell botfather your bot’s name
    4. Tell botfather your bot’s username
    5. Botfather will say “Congratulations!” and give you a token
    6. Replace $telegramApiKey with your ID
    $telegramApiKey = "1122334455:AAEhBOweik6ad9r_QXMENQjcrGbqCr4K-bs";

    c. Enable Telegram functionality

    1. Edit the Telegram toggle to true (enable) or false (disabled)
    2. Start a conversation with your bot to enable communication between you two.
    $telegramEnable = true;

    By Nytrobound, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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