My RISE tokens are gone

  • Ok, so I received a response to my ticket from McVenture.

    I would appreciate a real name at this stage. We all have the right to know your real names as we trusted you with our hard-earned money.

    RISE support told me to give them access and open a new updated wallet and send them the address for the transfer of all my tokens.

    Can you guess what happened? Nothing was transferred and all my tokens are still gone. This was ten days ago.

  • @rbecker Please how do you register on the support tab? I am having similar problem, but it’s asking for my login details

  • @lokesh8 could you please do the tickets, it’s more than 2 weeks i created a few tickets but i have not heard anything back

  • @lokesh8 I can log into my account now, but there is no rise tokens in it. where did they go?

  • friend, I’m in trouble, I do not have access to my promotion account, I made an investment last year and I can not access my balance, do you know how I can proceed?

  • I don’t really understand why someone will call risecoin a decentralized CryptoCurrency, or maybe the RISECOIN admin don’t know the meaning. Coin that I bought with my hard earned money was locked in their hand for almost 2months now, all in the name of them upgrading/swap their system. Can’t we have access to our old wallet? support will not respond, nobody is responding either, this is serious

  • Hello Guys.I was thinking of transferring my rise coins into my wallet but after hearing you all about the problems you are having I am scared to do that!


  • It’s time that I’m also going to receive my coins. This is taking way to long now. Rise support, please check your tickets!

  • @baka how long youve waiting for ur coins back?, i recieved email last oct 3, then i replied him the deatails that he is asking…still no reply from @McVenture mc…my ticket number is ##643##

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