My RISE tokens are gone

  • Hi. I have invested money in RISE. I have just downloaded your new wallet for MAC and I have imported my account. It shows 0 and it should show a lot more!!! I’m furious. I can’t even log in to your web wallet with my phrase. The wallet simply doesn’t load for me on Chrome. I hope this is not how you treat your early investors who helped you build your network. I want my RISE back!

  • hey,

    yeah I got the same problem and did write a ticket to the support but got no answer untill now, its not fair in my opinion to lose all of the coins because of an internal change :/ I want my coins back too …

  • Same problem here and the support doesn´t even reply!

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  • I have never received this info and I am seeing this for the first time. Hmm, I wonder why? Im sorry to say this but it looks like I/we were scammed out of our money. I invested in many cryptos and none treated me like Rise. This whole situation is actually very sad and I intend to write about this on, and a few more financial sites I publish on. I will however give the project owners some more time to respond here.

  • Same situation here. Director of Communications on Slack told me this would be fixed and to open a support ticket, but it’s taking a long time.

    I even spoke to someone who said he had opened a ticket about this over a week ago and hadn’t heard anything. This is starting to look bad…

  • @baka the tokens must be somewhere. they wouldn’t have just disappeared? Gl with it, im sure that bittrex or rise still have them somewhere. maybe try bittrex support also?

  • They should be able to check the blockchain and see the Coin movement to my wallet! Via this way they should be convinced I had that amount of RISE in my wallet and can send me back the investment I made in RISE. Very unfair way of doing business and communicating with people we want(ed) to invest in the RISE coin!

  • I have the same problem… RISE should pick this up very quickly. Do not dupe, ignore, or underestimate your customers, we only want what is ours.

  • I have the same problem… I cant log in to my web wallet… Hope support can help us with our prolems…

  • I have the same problem, please give us a way to transfer our Rise

  • same problem here…

  • All, Please submit your issue to the Rise Helpdesk - open a ticket -

    There was a network swap for Oldnet to Newnet, and instructions were sent to move all RISE to Bittrex until the network swap had completed, this has been done and we have a process to support community members.

    We will double check and verify your submission before we release the RISE.


  • Same happen with me let’s create a forum and raise our voice there against this scam

  • I’ve shot in multiple support requests, starting over a month ago. However, I never have received a response. As if the support desk is not working properly. I’ve also contacted McVenture on Slack. He told me to shoot in another support ticket, which I did. Being one of those who invested in Rise with a large amount, and seeing what is happening, I am now worried by what I am reading here.

  • i can’t open a support ticket. i tried several times. please send me an email. i don’t have access to my account and my tokens.

  • I have also same problem…i cant log in on my web wallet risecoin…please rise team/dev help us to return back our rise coin.

  • @lokesh8 I already made 2 tickets but till now, No reply from support… Hope this will be prioritize to avoid negative feedback. Since many are now curious with Rise price pump up

  • All, Rise team had to build a verification system which delayed the process but is now actively going through the support tickets, please bear with us …for a few more days. You coins are safe we have to ensure we process the claims correctly.


  • Hi Lokesh8. I tried to open tickets and I cannot do that for some reason. Could you please get back to me.
    i have the same issues. I have my passphrase and public key but I can’t access my account. please help and restore our trust in Rise.

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