Announcements pertaining to the RISE platform and the RISE community

Rise Mainnet - Upcoming Launch Overview

@McVenture I bought into the ico and cant seem to retrieve my coins. I have sent several support tickets but I don’t think they are getting through. Please respond and help.


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A place to talk about RISE and related subjects

Members Introduction

Hi all,
I am new to the rise community, @san2ok introduced me about RISE and so I am here.
I am a designer of website design, I own MyBB themes website and have done approximately 10k projects on forums.
I am really interested to know more about RISE and will stay here for long time with Rise community.


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Your input is very important. Share your thoughts and constructive comments.

Move from slack to

Worth it if search is nice.

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Read blogs from RISE team members and RISE community members, conveniently in one place

Expense Report Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

Fouders salary $30k each per month?

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Documentation, Questions & Answers, Quick-Start Guides

Rise-node version 0.1.0 Quick Installation Guide

@elbuch thanks for the information. Then, I will set up a testnet node today. And yes, running Ubuntu 16.04

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Get involved in RISE development and interact with RISE developers.

Problems installing rise-node? Read here

Fixed my problem, thank you!

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Become a RISE Delegate, find out all about it here

Spookiestevie - Please Vote for me to become a Delegate

Welcome aboard @Spookiestevie !

Great to see young and talented people such as you getting involved in Rise and crypto in general. Can’t wait to see what you will develop in this space in the years to come.

Best of luck with your Delegate Candidacy.

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Show off your creations that utilize the RISE platform!

Third Party Showcase Disclaimer

The Showcase area of the RISE forum is open for third parties to present and showcase their projects which connect with the RISE platform, RISE tokens or RISE in general in a useful or interesting way . Some examples are (but not limited to): mobile apps, desktop apps, DAPPS, websites, graphic design and games. We look forward to seeing many submissions in the near future.

Important Disclaimer

The showcase projects submitted here are NOT officially endorsed or supported by Rise Vision Foundation and the Foundation is not responsible for any potential harm done by these projects.
If you are a developer and you are seeking official RISE support, please contact us and be prepared to release your code as open-source.

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